The Woods are an epic example of self-sacrificing through their willingness to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. Both are trained medical doctors and were married after graduating from their respective medical schools in Toronto and England. They have been serving as medical missionaries in Africa ever since.

Our first time meeting Philip and Nancy Wood in Beni, Nov 2006

They have been instrumental with the development and expansion of CME Nyankunde, the largest NGO health network in northeast Congo. Philip has been Executive Director and Head of Surgery while Nancy leads the large nursing school. They have fled for their lives at least twice. In 2002, Congolese rebels destroyed the flagship hospital, killing half the patients and staff. As recently as 2008, the hospital was again attacked. They have provided medical support to many thousands of impoverished Congolese who had no or limited medical alternatives.

It is at the invitation of Philip and Nancy that we are returning to their hospital in Bunia and Beni under the banner of Healing Streams to provide a consulting report on their financial and governance practices.