The people of Congo have incredible needs. Our personal goal is to support people in eastern Congo in practical and effective ways. To that end, we have met urgent needs such as meeting medical bills and ensuring there is enough food at an orphanage. Where possible, we have tried to fund projects that will be able to generate income or to provide support for when our support is not available. This has resulted in our financing goats and chicken projects, inventory for sale at the Butembo market, sewing machines to produce saleable clothes and small loans for business. These financings have been about providing capital that would otherwise be unavailable.

With the help and supervision of James Kataliko, our latest project is now underway in Goma. James has organized a team that will produce concrete blocks in an area on the northwest outskirts of the city where there is demand for building materials.

This project is providing employment for several people. 25% of the income earned will be set aside quarterly for charitable or humanitarian purposes. Bonuses will be provided to employees and the balance of profits will be maintained in the business for growth and expansion.

The goal is for this project to be not just self-sufficient, but to be able to grow and thrive while supporting worthwhile humanitarian needs. It won’t be without its challenges. It’s hard work. The price of cement has increased beyond initial budgets. Quality levels have to be mastered and maintained. The loyalty of customers has to be earned. Theft of production or of the equipment is a huge risk. It is never easy for small entrepreneurs, but we have assembled a team up to the challenge.

An accountant has been identified who will work with James to provide a quarterly financial report. We are looking forward to receiving the first report.