James Kataliko has provided a brief update on some of our active projects:

The community chicken coop needed for transit purposes has been completed in Kalondo, in support of the My Chicken, Give Me Eggs project.  Additionally, training has been arranged so that recipients unfamiliar with raising chickens can gain the necessary knowledge.

Recently, billionaire Bill Gates has caught on to the idea that raising chickens is a good idea for people living in poverty.  Who knows, maybe he was following this blog.


The water filter business wasn’t manned for a time, but it is again operational and has been earning some revenues.  They continue to turn over their inventory based on the original capital made available.

The Ecole Maternelle les Moissonneurs in Beni is expanding through the addition of another primary classroom.  James provides significant support to the school.

Installations of lightning rods in the Blessing Rain (Mvua Baraka) project had some supplier problems.  I understand that a new domestic supplier has been found and the project has developed a small backlog.

The highly successful sewing project at the Muti wa Nzuki School for Orphans in Butembo run by Dorcas Mbambu continues to report excellent results.  (I didn’t post 2016 Q1 results, but they continue to generate significant revenues while providing student training.) Additional funds have been sent to Dorcas for maintenance or new capital equipment as she wishes to prioritize.