Kavugho Masika Jacquis became aware that we were offering microfinancing loans for entrepreneurs in Butembo.  She has developed a skill in crafting hats over the past two years, but needed capital to buy her materials. Her creative hats are targeted at youth who can identify with the colours or style.  She is industrious and we want to support her. She intends to produce and sell 25 hats a week and to repay her loan over five months.

James Kataliko has agreed to accept small loan applications, screen them, and send translated applications to Canada for our final review.  We continue to believe that the key requirement towards lifting Congo out of poverty is the encouragement of small businesses.  This will require physical security (i.e. an end to violence and corruption), a healthy rule of law (needed to ensure confidence in contracts and investments), educational standards (at least basic literacy for all with a focus on job skills) and the availability of capital (so businesses can grow and employ people).

Many microfinance organizations operating in Africa have not yet moved into Congo primarily due to physical security concerns. James Kataliko and the Internet provides us with the ability to make direct access to needy entrepreneurs. There is a huge need for capital in Congo that is essential for economic growth and we’d like to do our small part by providing needed loans to worthy ventures.