Based on the success of earlier goat projects, James Kataliko has helped to organize a new project in Rutshuru which is only 7 km from the Ugandan border. As before, ten recipients received a female goat (a nanny) with a promise to return a baby goat (kid) in the future. Billy goats are maintained by the village and loaned out. In the future, local leaders will distribute the kids received to new recipients and the cycle will continue. This a self-sustaining investment designed to create enduring wealth in a practical form.

For this project, James was able to identify an area where a group of women and widows were identified to be the initial recipients.

One recipient of a nanny goat is Claudine, now 15 years old. When 13 she had been raped by rebels. Our hope is that this project will help people like her to get established. The women receiving goats are said to be elated and very hopeful with this project.

Delivery of the goats wasn’t without issues. James arranged to have a minivan transport the goats from nearby Kiwanja to Rutshuru, but the roads had many barricades established by Congolese soldiers due to the history of trouble in the area. James had to repeatedly talk his way through the requests for money.