James Kataliko has proven time and time again that he is an honourable and compassionate man.  He has proven it again.  He was travelling with others near Lake Kivu, South Kivu when he learned of a local pygmy tribe.  He used the terms indigenous and abandoned.  As I understand it, these pygmies are essentially controlled by Bantu to work in Bantu fields.  I hesitate to use the word enslaved but that sounds about right.  While at a Pygmy village, James found Fatuma, a five year old girl who was very anemic due to malaria and malnutrition.  She wasn’t expected to live much longer.  Her parents had no means to get her medical attention.

7 Fatuma1 Villagers8 At Fatuma's village

With Fatuma’s family, James and his companions helped to carry her 8 kilometers through the jungle to reach a hospital.  He had made a commitment to provide the needed funding for her medical treatment.

2 Travelling to hospital6 At Minova hospital

Once at the hospital, it was determined that Fatuma needed blood but they didn’t have a good match for her.  It turned out that James was a match, so he rolled up his sleeve for her.

5 James giving blood

Doctors are now optimistic about her recovery.

4 Fatuma recovering3 James after providing blood

James says that there are many other children with similar although less immediately threatening conditions in the area.  We have sent funds to James to cover the expenses of his humanitarian efforts.  Thankfully, just a little goes a long long way in Congo.

Can you help?

If you can help at all, I can commit to sending 100% of all funds received directly to James (via Western Union) and report on exactly what it was spent on.