I have received new reports of violence in Oicha just north of Beni.  With recurring violence becoming so commonplace, I have not seen regular media reporting on this recent event.  I guess it isn’t considered severe enough.

The ADF / Nalu attacked the Village Oïcha yesterday (July 30) at 17:00 as they came to loot the houses of innocent civilians.

During their battles with the FARDC, they burned one house and two vehicles. Two civilians were killed and another severe hospitalized.  There was one captured ADF, a Ugandan boy of 19 years who said he has spent over 8 years in this movement.

They used handmade bombs and explosives. Displaced families displaced are housed in schools while others take the direction of the road from Beni to flee .

Congolese soldiers along with MONUSCO are now responding in the Mughalika area.

a camion brule

A burnt out truck after the ADF attack on July 30, 2016

a capture

Captured ADF child soldier

a rescape ecole3

Oicha area school that is housing civilians fleeing from the ADF

a bombe coquille

Homemade ADF bomb