On December 28, 2020, ADF rebels filmed themselves attacking the small village of Loselose, east of Beni, near Bulongo just past the Semuliki River. Loselose is an agricultural village producing cocoa, papaya and other crops.

I’m told that the Congo army (FARDC) recaptured the village an hour later. The video is just under 5 minutes. It verifies the unprofessional nature of ADF as they seem content to fire bullets rather indiscriminately.

This video and incident was verified by Kijiji Cha Amani. https://www.kijijichaamani.org/rumour/p87sG2/during-the-loselose-attack-the-adfmtm-terrorists-hoisted-the-flag

YouTube and Google would not permit the uploading of this video. I had no problems using Rumble, which I will use going forward.