As expected, violence in Beni and Butembo has been extensive in the wake of cancelling the national election in these two cities, while still proceeding elsewhere.  This would be like calling off a presidential election only in Chicago because someone said that too many shootings are happening in that city.

Locals have blamed the doctors and Ebola facilities responsible for the cancelled elections.  The main Ebola surveillance centre has thus been torched.

Ebola centre on fire

Ebola centre on fire

But local ignorance of Ebola is also on display. Ebola treatment centres have been ransacked, many Ebola patients have fled into the population (many returned quickly, likely after meeting some knowledgeable people) but children have been seen with gear from the centres.  It isn’t confirmed if these lab coats shown below are contaminated, but today’s events are not going to be positive towards containing the Ebola outbreak.

Wearing Ebola gear

Ebola centre ransacked