Dorcas Mbambu has always been good with reporting the use of funds that have been provided to her.

In early 2020, we had provided fresh funds for the sewing project, just in time for COVID-19. Funds were needed to refurbish some equipment but also to hire a dedicated worker who could market and manage the output. COVID-19 limited these plans as originally envisioned, but it led to new opportunities. 250 face masks were produced and sold for USD $1.00 each. In addition, 100 vests and 156 uniforms were sold. These numbers are well below full capacity, but they provided additional profits and employment with wages for three people. From the profits, chickens and cages were purchased as well as food for the children.

Butembo has seen Ebola, unimaginable violence, and now COVID-19. Once some normalcy returns, our hope the sewing project will provide sewing life skills, employment, profits from the sale of goods produced, and purpose.

The orphanage continues to meet a huge need. Dorcas explained that the recently arrived babies shown above were picked up beside the corpses of their parents. Violence in the region continues to rage. 150 have been killed since December 11, 2020. 67,000 have recently fled their homes. The vast majority of tragic news is continually underreported in our media.

The updates provided by Dorcas summarizes spending but also the funding received by the various supporters from around the world. If you are in any of these countries, please consider a donation that can be directed to Congo. A little certainly goes a long way! Here is a list:

CMS Ireland –

Semiliki Trust (UK) –

Congo Aid (Australia) –

Congo Church Association (UK) –