Canadian winters can be a challenge for many people.  Michael started clearing snow for a neighbour, Gwen, who is a retired lady.  When Gwen offered to compensate Michael, a deal was quickly struck that any money received for snow shovelling would be forwarded to Congo.

Saasita recently asked for some support for the women of Kalondo, a small community south west of Butembo.  She is developing a program for the capacity building and empowerment of Kalondo women and this seemed like an ideal way to direct some funds.  I’m sure I will hear more about this program.  After a quick confirmation with Gwen, USD $100 has been forwarded to Saasita for the women of Kalondo.

Our daughter Michelle has just returned to our home in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband Mike after living in Beijing, China the past 4.5 years.  She hasn’t seen a Canadian winter in over eight years, but jumped at the chance to try our new snow blower!