Dorcas Mbambu has reported that the violence in the area has resulted in unprecedented demand at her orphanage.  (See this recent post.) The volunteer women can’t possibly breast feed all the babies so they have to turn to purchasing milk.  Dorcas writes: Infant feeding is a real ordeal for us. Finding milk for infants remains a major problem. We have a total of 5 children taking milk. On average per week a child consumes 1 box per week.    After we recently forwarded some funds to them, Dorcas (as always) provided a full detailed accounting of how the money was spent.


Feeding time at the Butembo orphanage


Older orphans in Butembo (with many absent)



As a measure of their appreciation for our support, the orphanage decided to name a little girl Brenda in honour of my wife. It is indeed an honour.


Dorcas Mbambu with baby Brenda