Most of us live in relatively safe communities where we can conduct our daily lives without fear for our safety.  Eastern Congo does not enjoy that luxury.  James Kataliko is reporting that businesses are effectively shut down in Butembo due to the wide spread turmoil caused by a lack of security.

With the recent dramatic slaughter in Beni, tensions are high.  Yesterday, two Hutu women were dragged from a mini-bus by a mob and set on fire, as a revenge response against Rwandans.

Those who follow this blog know that we have a key goal of supporting micro-businesses that will enable local Congolese to earn a better living.  The best way to support people in eastern Congo is to provide them with the means and tools so they can support themselves.  Living with permanent dependency for external support and handouts doesn’t work in downtown Detroit, Ferguson or Congo.

The sewing machine project has been a tremendous success as it is providing a steady cash flow for the school for orphans.  It has provided work, valuable training and a sense of purpose for many.  A small initial capital outlay was needed and the local people have been able to go from there.

But a micro-business on any nature is not going to succeed when basic security is at risk. Our supported start up business of reselling water filters and lightning rod installation nor any other can succeed in this current environment.  With the corrupt UN peacekeepers and an under-resourced Congo army, it is a bleak position.  I don’t support a Canadian peacekeeping mission in Congo as there is no peace to keep and a strong helicopter fleet is needed for there to be any effectiveness.  The Congo army needs to lead a determined expulsion of terrorists in the area and international funding in support of the army under strict controls for deployment in the immediate area appears to be the best option.

As James has requested, please pray for the people of eastern Congo.