We have known Kahambu Saasita since our first visit to Beni in 2006.  She had a strong passion for supporting the Healing Streams seminars concerning rape counselling.  Since then, we have maintained contact, supported her efforts with micro-financing as well as her recent efforts in support of sanitation given the Ebola outbreakShe at times has been a wonder woman.

Saasitsa is now completing her studies at the Institut Superieur de Developpement Rural (Institute of Rural Development).  Her training is focused on the management of rural development which covers a lot of areas, including ecology, financing, project analysis, sustainable agriculture issues, sanitation and other topics.  Recently she has specifically worked on the subject of the challenge of funding of woman’s entrepreneurship as well as the development of co-operative savings programs.


Saasita – 2018

The DRC has a national unemployment rate of 46%, the highest in the world, by far.  The Belgians didn’t support national education.  Wars and civil strife have taken their toll.  Ultimately, their best hope for generating internal wealth is through the development of small businesses that eventually grow to be bigger business.  That will require political stability, but also education.  We are pleased to be able to support people gain their education, such as Saasita, who have worked unselfishly at times in support of people in eastern Congo.