I apologize for the lack of posts.  It’s been quite busy since the advent of COVID-19, but a lot has been happening in eastern DRC too.

The DRC has been hit by COVID-19 like everywhere else in the world, but with a population of ~ 85 million, a death tally of 260 people has been quite moderate by world standards. Canada’s death toll stands at 9,145 and the U.S. is 188,000. The trend for active cases in Congo looks promising. Nonetheless, fear and precaution taking has restricted Congolese travel and business activities.  

Sewing Project Updated
With some fresh funding, the sewing project associated with the school for orphans has been kickstarted again. Enough funds were provided for restocking inventory, hiring Kakule Mutsunde as full time manager for a year and having an excess of USD $420 provided to the school as rent.  COVID-19, like Ebola and extreme violence in the region, has restricted the ability to sell and distribute clothing.  They were well positioned to produce COVID-19 masks originally for the kids. With Kakule Mutsunde’s involvement they have been able to produce and sell masks for profit. The goals continues to be training students and to generate profits that can support the school.

Butembo Market
Consider what selling your goods in the Butembo market would be like in the best of circumstances. They have now dealt with extreme violence, Ebola and COVID-19, yet they continue to operate.  While business has been slower under COVID-19, the business continues to operate at a profit.  They have been able to increase their inventory on hand while supporting the orphan Dieula from their profits.

Butembo (Dorcas) Orphanage
Dorcas continues to manage the orphanage under challenging decisions and new orphans continue to stream in. In a just world she would be honoured as Mother Teresa was honoured. They continue to need support.

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Support for Pascal

BensInCongo will send 100% of your support directly to Pascal in Goma that will him and his family and additionally match the first $500. Please edit for your PayPal donation of any amount, from wherever you are in the world.


This town has suffered in the extreme.  Saasita keeps in touch. Mai Mai militiamen took over the town and the people all fled into the jungle to escape.  The last I heard was that in June the Congo security forces were trying to recapture the town. The town’s people continue to need your prayers.

Kesho Njema Project
James Kataliko reports that the goat project is progressing very well.  One goat died, but they were able to sell the meat.  With the proceeds they bought a small goat and give it to the owner.

James helping out some more
James Kataliko also reported that with funds provided to him he helped pay the maternity costs for a woman without means.  The little girl’s name is Destiny.  James was also able to provide some funds to the unpaid teachers of the Butembo Primary Scout School who are at home due to COVID-19.

Pascal decided to grow his taxi business between Butembo and Goma by buying a larger vehicle just as Ebola was hitting and then he had to deal with COVID-19.  His resilience has been tested but has been proven as he has responsibly been able to maintain his monthly loan payments.

James Kataliko has long been faithful with supporting our efforts to help in eastern Congo and honest with his dealings so he was a prime candidate for microfinance support when he brought forward his need.  He was paying rent but considering acquiring his own home.  We were able to structure a loan deal that made his monthly loan payment lower than his rent.  This deal was possible because James had proved his personal integrity.

James has a new home!

Saasita – Hygiene Awareness
Saasita continues to support community awareness projects.  She created a hand washing program and set out to educate people on COVID-19.

Reality statutes
This monument should receive awards but have a warning to children for its gruesomeness. Decapitation by machete, blood and guts spilling out, it is all here after being erected in Mangina, near Beni.  The initiator of this work of art, the honorable provincial deputy Kasereka Siwako Alain said that it was created is in order to challenge the international community on what is happening in the region.

Mangina Monument

“We erected this monument to challenge the international community in relation to the massacres in Beni,” said this elected representative of the territory of Beni.