The electoral commission was set to announce results at 11:00 pm DRC time tonight, but I’m writing this after that time and they are still not at the microphones.

waiting for results

As the announcement delay has continued, I’ve grown more concerned.  While an excellent source (Stratfor) as well as the New York Times have said that Martin Fayulu is the winner, the other two front runners have had their people declare victory which is not a good thing.   Most concerning was having the Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC) declare Emmanuel Shadary as the winner.  This is clear positioning by the candidates.

The concern is that the delay in announcing was a means to buy the government more time.  More time for what?  To alter results, to destroy records, to cover trails, who knows what.  It’s not just current President Kabila who will be impacted with a loss by Shadary, his chosen candidate.  If there is a change of control, all of Kabila’s appointments over the years are at risk with a new president.  If those appointments acted improperly while in office, perhaps they deserve some punishment.  But let’s pray that mass vigilantism doesn’t bring the country down.