On a day to day basis, Congolese in North Kivu province must deal with the threat of Ebola, the dangers from marauding rebels and bandits, the anarchy of virtually non-existent government and a sustenance standard of living.   There is a reason the Bible does not tell us to Be happy.  Instead, it says that we should Be content with all things, a much more practical option.

Indeed, no matter what the circumstances, life must go on.

In the past month, I have received multiple photographs of Congolese doing just that.  Continuing with their lives and soldiering forward.  They display remarkable internal fortitude that will put the vast majority of relatively wealthy Westerners to shame.  We have much to learn from those persevering and living their lives with contentment in all circumstances.  Here are those photographs:

From a primary school in Beni, celebrating the end of the school year:

Beni end of school year party 2Beni children school ceremonyBeni end of school year partyBeni end of school year party 3

From a Butembo church celebrating in the streets:

The church still celebrates
School for orphans 2019 July 3School for orphans 2019 July
Church celebrating

From the Mama Dorcas orphanage:

Mama Dorcas with infantOrphanage feedingOrphanage infantOrphanage with helpers