BensInCongo has supported multiple ventures through the granting of microloans. Here is the 2019 story of granting a local entrepreneur named Pascal a loan that enabled him to acquire a mini-van that he turned into a taxi-bus. He primarily used this taxi-bus on the Goma – Butembo route which had just re-opened.

That important route has now been closed for several months while fighting has come closer and closer to Goma. M23 rebels are now 20 – 25 km from Goma accordingly to recent reports.

The Congolese army (FARDC) has never had a reputation for professionalism. This short video captures a FARDC tank carelessly sideswiping a mini-van that was innocently parked at the side the street in Goma. What are the odds that the tank destroyed Pascal’s mini-van that BensInCongo financed and that it was caught on camera.

seigneur aie pitié means “Lord have mercy” in French

It is unfortunate that the taxi-bus was destroyed by the FARDC and not by MONUSCO where there would be at least a chance of compensation. This has now ruined Pascal’s means of earning a living. While Goma is in the midst of fighting, arranging to purchase a new vehicle will be a challenge.

Pascal needs help in his difficult situation. We can support him by sending funds directly to him via Remitly. Please consider how you can help.

Support for Pascal

BensInCongo will send 100% of your support directly to Pascal in Goma that will him and his family and additionally match the first $500. Please edit for your PayPal donation of any amount, from wherever you are in the world.