Politics will definitely be different in Congo now.  Felix Tshisekedi has been sworn in, most nations are accepting his victory, the objections of his disgruntled opponent Martin Fayulu are being ignored and there seems to be peace. 

During the inauguration ceremony, there were fears that Tshisekedi had a medical emergency but it turned out that the flak jacket he was wearing was too tight.

kabila wraps presidential sash around tshisekedi

Kabila wraps the presidential sash around Tshisekedi

Joseph Kabila deserves a lot more credit than he is receiving. He has successfully presided over a mainly peaceful and voluntary handover of power. In Congo as well as the vast majority of African countries, this is no small feat.

For the first time, Congo will have the challenge and the benefit of political checks and balances with Kabila supporters controlling the National Assembly and therefore control of the government but not the presidency. This could result in political gridlock but it could also act as a beneficial limiting factor concerning corruption.