The August 30, 2017 wind storm had a devastating effect on the school for orphans, but not on the will of Dorcas and her team. Orphan students are currently meeting in scattered local buildings, waiting for the completion of the school rebuilding.

Instead of thatch and mud, wood buildings with tin roofs have been installed.

School 2017 Sept a

School 2017 Sept b

Funds are still required to make these buildings into a functioning school through the purchase of desks, chairs and blackboards.

A thank-you to EagleBlossom (a Bens in Congo commenter) who wanted to know how to send money. Anyone in the world can directly participate. It is easiest for Canadians to send money to me, Michael Ben, via an Interac e-Transfer which I will then forward on to Dorcas. Anyone elsewhere in the world can send USD funds of any amount via Western Union directly to “Dorcas Mbambu Kiharami” in DRC. Western Union will give you a MTCN code (Money Transfer Control Code). Only someone with that MTNC code and matching name (with ID) will be able to pick up the money. You will need to Interac e-Transfer or e-mail me at “michael.ben @” so you can tell me the MTCN code that I will forward to Dorcas.