Many civilians were killed and injured in another series of attacks. These attacks happened on the evening of Tuesday, September 27 in Nyaleke near the rice mill, 12km east of Beni.

The first attack against civilians occurred at 4:00 p.m. local time. The ADF / NALU and their allies attempted to stop a vehicle returning from Kasindi to Beni with its passengers on board. When the driver attempted to escape the attackers, they began to burst fire on the vehicle. The 4 passengers somehow escaped without serious injuries.

Thanks to prompt intervention of FARDC, the rebels were scared off.  A little later, not far away, it is the turn of another vehicle from Kasindi heading towards Butembo that was subject to an ambush.

The assailants stopped the vehicle before the driver could get out. They shot him and then launched a rocket at the vehicle which was reduced to ashes. The assistant driver’s life was saved when the FARDC immediately came on the scene of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, three farmers found in the region by the rebels were simply killed by these outlaws. These include: Kasaki WD (Déogratias) and Selembo who were killed with machetes before being burned and then Benoit (father of well known Laurent Kabila Beni) was shot.

These attacks occurred from 17:30 to 18:00 on Tuesday evening.  Meanwhile, FARDC in turn chased the enemy and inflicted huge losses. A total of 9 ADF or allies were reported killed by the regular army. Their bodies were taken on Wednesday at the morgue of the Beni General Hospital awaiting burial.  In their flight from the FARDC, the ADF or their allies took the direction of the river valley Nyaleke / left bank.

Additionally, last Tuesday night, the lifeless body of Mr Mudeya Ndovya was found in Malolu (7 km east of Beni). Mr. Ndoyya was reported missing on September 17 during an attack by ADF. The decomposing body was buried on Wednesday.

JAMES Kataliko