In my last post, I rhetorically asked how much more could the people take. The response was clear. Very little. Civilians have now responded by effectively shutting down all activity in both Beni and Butembo.

A key demand of the protesters is the expulsion of UN (MONUSCO) personnel from Congo due to their utter ineffectiveness. People have complained that the soldiers won’t go 50 meters from their bases. This blog has long noted the disrepute the Congolese hold for the UN, including here and here and here.

Scenes such as the following video are commonplace now. My assumption is that the the Islamist ADF are the perpetrators of this slaughter and the Congo army is there just for the clean up while the crowd chants their displeasure in the background. I continue to use Rumble as YouTube would not permit the uploading of this video.

Gunshots presumably fired in the air by the army were used to clear the streets in Beni in this video:

The magnitude of the civilian uprising in Butembo can be seen in this video:

Protesters in Butembo want to see MONUSCO gone!