The violence continues in eastern Congo with a growing savagery. Another dozen people were killed today, on top of dozens last week. Decapitation and the mutilation of innocents has been commonplace.

The region from Oicha in the north down to Butembo in the south was recently brought to a virtual standstill as citizens protested the unending violence. People have had enough and can take little more. Angry youths placed barricades across some streets, which were later removed by police. Shops were closed, schools failed to open and streets were deserted as people protested.

There are still 18,000 UN “peacekeepers” in Congo, but people question what they are doing. According to the Economist, “All helmet and no mettle”. That would be a polite description related to their failure to control the violence.

There had been a call for more African peacekeepers, but that hasn’t transpired. The UN mission continues to be a job creation technique for developing world soldiers who don’t want to be there.

The Congo army has long shown itself to be incapable of dealing with the terrorists. The UN is better equipped but lacks the motivation to take any risks. There is very little reason for hope at the moment.

I have received horrific photos of death and mutilation, a hallmark of the Islamist terrorists. I debate with myself the wisdom of posting them as the regular media would never display them for valid reasons. I think they need to be shown. This isn’t a children’s blog. These photos have been sent to me because Congolese want these pictures shown. They want the world to understand the ongoing terror in their lives. And I assure you that I haven’t picked the worst pictures.