After years of speculation, Dr. Denis Mukwege has been confirmed as joint winner of the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, sharing the 2018 award with Iraqi rights activist Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who was kidnapped and taken as a sex slave by ISIS. When he was awarded the Sakhorov prize in late 2014, we noted at that time the calls to award him the Nobel peace prize.


He is known as “the man who mends woman”. His clinic in Bukavu has treated 30,000 rape victims.  (Some reports say 50,000.)  Dr. Mukwege was very supportive of the Healing Streams ministry which focused on sexual victims of the Congo wars and was our original reason to be engaged in eastern Congo. It was a high honour to have enjoyed a private dinner with him in Kitchener, Ontario. He certainly is a quality gentleman and well deserving of the Nobel award.