In 2018, we started a resell business in the Butembo market from the liquidation of the water filter business.   The business employs two women full time with a fair wage and has been able to grow their stock of inventory by almost 100% from re-invested profits.  The business continues to flourish due to the commitment and good efforts of the women involved.

Butembo market Jan 2020Butembo inventory 1

10% of earnings are directed monthly to support Dieula, an orphan who is now 5 years old.  Her father died as an indirect result of Maimai intrusions and her mother then died while 3 months pregnant.  Dieula is now living with a grandmother of limited means.  I’m told that Dieula (Dieu Est là which translates to God is there) is in 3rd kindergarten, so they must start school young, yet from the photo mature quickly!  Over the past two years, the Butembo market business has been able to take care of her schooling (school fees, uniforms, school bags and textbooks).  I’m told that she is doing well at school with a promising future.

Dieula aged 5