James Kataliko has forwarded the following pictures from the Ecole Maternelle les Moissonneurs in Beni. It was the end of the term and time for a celebration, parent open house and school trip. I have no idea where the crocodiles are kept! James has been a big supporter of this school with some of our funding steered this way. Despite the atrocities occurring immediately around them, life must go on.

Entrance to the Ecole Maternelle

Entrance to the Ecole Maternelle in Beni


Inside the classroom

School Assembly

School Assembly

School Yard

Ecole Maternelle les Moissonneurs school yard

In the school yard

Top Student

Proud Dad with top and perhaps shy student

Time on Swings

Decorated for Christmas

Decorated for Christmas

Visiting Crocodiles

Interesting crocodile cage

Crocodiles on school tour

Crocodiles during the school tour