Dorcas Mbambu at CED (Compassion for Children in Distress) reports that the sewing centre had been shut down over fears related to “the possible incursion of bandits”.  In the same manner, the water filter project continues to be halted due to issues of physical security in Butembo.

In discussions with a UK partner working with Dorcas, we heard how they were visiting the orphanage and could hear the violence next door to where they were staying.  Bandits had realized that white Europeans were visiting and they must have brought money.  The treasurer was being robbed and roughed up, even though he didn’t in fact have any money.  As mentioned before, Congo desperately needs two foundational things: physical security and the rule of law.

Recently, some local church sponsored schools have been able to place some orders for children uniforms which enabled CED to purchased a used but relatively modern sewing machine.

New sewing machine 1 2018 FebNew sewing machine 2 2018 Feb