The Ebola outbreak is definitely not over even though the WHO recently declared that the outbreak “does not pose a global threat since the deadly virus has not crossed any international borders”.  That seems like a strange and purposefully optimistic criteria at a time when reported cases and deaths continue to climb.

Dorcas Mbambu contacted me with her concern that an Ebola case was reported immediately next to the orphanage of 60 children.  I have been sent multiple photos of loved ones now dead from the disease.  Statistics (several contradictory) can try to reflect reality but surely we can’t grasp the fear and emotions of those forced to live through this outbreak.

NYT Ebola cases by week 2019 April 9

Ebola cases by week – April 9, 2019 (New York Times)

The above graphic indicates that Ebola cases are declining, but when this graphic is compared to earlier graphics from the same source, it appears that there is a lag in reporting cases.

Ebola cases Mar 2019 - Axios

Ebola virus disease - Axios

Ebola update 2019 April 13

Katwa is just a few kilometers east of Butembo.

Ebola death 2

Ebola death 1

Ebola death 3

Ebola death 5

Ebola hearse

Ebola grieving