Dorcas continues to be her awesome selfless self in running her orphanage on a shoe string budget.  Based on her recent photos, it must be pure organized chaos on a daily basis!

Feeding tmimeIt must be organized chaosOrphans need to take care of each otherReady for dinner
Three babies
Older orphans
Hair dressing
Orhphans helping orphans

It appears that the sewing workshop is back in operation.  They was an issue of maintaining customers but Dorcas is back to reporting monthly income and provided this photo of sewing students.

Students learning to sew


The primary school remains in pretty rough shape, although I understand a new building has been completed with the assistance of CMSI Ireland.


Primary school in rough shape

Dorcas recently received a small baby weighing only 1.6 kg or 3.5 pounds. He had become an orphan due to violence in nearly Lubero. As we had just sent some funds, Dorcas was able to secure hospital support and brought the boy to the orphanage was he reached 3 kg. The boy has been named Michael in my honour.

Dorcas with Michael in an incubator

Dorcas with Michael and Micheline

Dorcas with Michael and Micheline