The constitutional court has ruled that Felix Tshisekedi will be the president of Congo.  This was the final recourse for peaceful objections to his victory.  The Internet has been restored after being shut down across the country for 20 days.   For the good of the nation, this is the point that opposition to Tshisekedi should end.

But personal glory and benefits unfortunately outweigh any concept of for the good of the nation for Martin Fayulu as he has self declared himself to be the president.

Fayulu declares himself president

This can only be bad news. Unless there is a prompt political solution, there is going to be violence and instability until this is resolved. Unfortunately for Fayulu, his opponents are both in control of the army, not him. Tshisekedi has de jure control of the army by virtue of being President. It remains to be seen whether Kabila has de facto control, but in either event Fayulu certainly doesn’t have any control of the army so it hard to see how he will achieve power.