Michael and Brenda Ben are both CPA’s (C.A.) from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Michael is self employed as a fractional CFO. His web site is http://www.michaelben.ca/

Brenda is employed at The Co-operators in Guelph, Ontario.

Their first visit in 2006 to North Kivu province in north east Congo (DRC) involved support for a Healing Streams rape / counselling seminar program in Beni.  Their second visit in 2008 involved the completion of a cost accounting study at CME Nyankunde in Bunia, followed by supporting another Healing Streams seminar program in Butembo.  Both Healing Streams sessions were organizationally supported by CSCODI, a Canadian charity founded by Dr. Kaluma Katembo of Quebec City.

Their visit in November 2011 was an opportunity to return to the Butembo orphanage, to visit the Muti wa Nzuki school for orphans, and to lecture at ULPGL/Butembo among many other things.   Their work at CME Nyankunde in Bunia involved consulting and developing a comprehensive governance report for CME Nyankunde, the largest NGO health network in North Kivu province.  In 2002, local tribal conflict had led to a massacre of 1,500 people.  Out of the Nyankunde Massacre tragedy, the organization founded new clinics in Beni and Bunia and returned to begin rebuilding Nyankunde in 2005.  Two amazing doctors at the hospital in Bunia are Philip and Nancy Wood who have spent their careers as medical missionaries in Africa.  Philip is a UK citizen while Nancy is Canadian.  The Woods are amazing examples of self sacrifice in support of the needy in Africa, motivated by their love of Christ.