Most of the violence in eastern Congo continues to be in the rural areas and the outskirts of cities.  Beni has seen the violence inside the city.  Today there was an attack on the central Kakwangura prison within the city of Butembo, reportedly by Mai-Mai rebels.  This has alarmed the local residents as it brings the violence much closer to them. A police spokesman said the militiamen were trying to plunder the prison but were repulsed by the security forces. 


Kakwangura Prison, Butembo

This attack follows the escape of 276 Kakwangura prisoners in 2014, perhaps a large source of troublemakers in the area.

I recently received the following photo from Beni.  I asked if the photo was posed or if the girls really were angry.  The reply was “As you know, in Beni there is no one who is happy”.  The strain of the continual threat of violence is wearing.