Rebeka Kavugho Mulema. 2005 – 2016

As narrated by Dorcas Mbambu.

Here is our child whom we have lost. She died on Monday 19/12/2016 in the hours before noon. She was called REBEKA and was one of the orphans that the CED has at the orphanage. She died at the age of 11 and studied the 4th grade class at the Muti-Wa-Nzuki school. We welcomed her in 2013 at the age of 8 years. She is a victim of war of M23, since her family members have never been found. Our daughter REBEKA leaves us with serious emotions when we hear the detonation of heavy weapons such as was recently heard in Butembo.

While the other children were in great surprise following this death, they think that the situation will nonetheless continue in the same way. So many of them are victims of massacre, war and HIV and they saw the death of their parents. They must deal with many memories of some very tragic things.

For this reason we are asking ourselves if there are people who can sponsor some of these children who are in a great need. Wherever you may be, is there is a way to adopt certain children? Otherwise we will risk losing a lot of children because of the situation that does not cease in our country and especially in our province of North Kivu.


The girl REBEKA who died this one who stands here in front of you to the right, blue shoe there she was playing with the other children. She was really healthy. Why has death happened to us Lord?

Our daughter REBEKA has died. Truly we are in great regret. As she left us, no one knows what to say. Pray for us. Life has become more complicated. The other children have not slept since the day of mourning.



The tomb of our daughter REBEKA. We do not know how we will be relieved.


The mass said to her memory in the presence of the Bishop of the Anglican Church while we were doing the funeral of poor REBEKA at the cemetery of Kakuva about 8 km from the town of Butembo.


Goodbye REBEKA. May you rest in peace.

We lost our child in a very bad circumstance, a cruel death, that’s why we did not have time to tell you about her illness. But really for now all children are in a psychosis. Your prayers are really important to us, the situation is not easy for us humans.