Marauding raiders continue to trouble rural areas in North Kivu. There is no government support at all, of any kind. Imagine if all government services we take for granted simply disappeared and armed troublemakers roamed the streets. No police, no hospitals, no utility workers, nothing.

Foreign aid workers can’t safely operate in these conditions. Fortunately, we have maintained connections to some valiant individuals such as Dorcas, Saasita and James. We had some discussions with Saasita to determine the best way that we could help in the area of Kalondo. We agreed that basic medical supplies may be subject to theft, but they are badly needed and locals can make good efforts to hide and safeguard them.

Working with a Butembo pharmacy and a budgeted amount, Saasita and the pharmacist determined what to buy. She then made the delivery arrangements. The supplies are essentially off the shelf materials but trained doctors or nurses in the area don’t exist. To have supplied more advanced medicines would have created serious risks such as overdosing so I think the pharmacists overall made a good call. Saasita can ask the locals if anything badly needed was missing. Many thanks to Saasita for her work in supporting the Kalondo community.