Nancy Wood reports a difficult week in Nyankunde and Bunia:

This past week did not start very well as we had word on Monday morning that a faithful MAF worker, who had lived in Nyankunde all his life, had been killed on Sunday evening by men in military uniforms.  This man was 50+ and in addition to working for MAF he has helped rebuild several of the churches in the village, and had begun building some attached shops near the Nyankunde market.  The local population were outraged and killed 3 of the men.

    Tuesday wasn’t much better as we learned that on Monday night, 4 thieves, 2 with guns, arrived at PRORESO School for the Deaf, out in the eastern part of Bunia, and they stole the 2 solar panels off the roof.  The panels were installed to make the computer lab functional and all high school students have had computer lessons.  But the staff also use the electricity to photocopy or print handouts for the children, and the Director can print official letters etc.  Now no power!  If we replace them right away, they may be stolen again right away.  Obviously the proposed 600m security fence around the PRORESO property is needed immediately but Lord has not yet provided the funds.    



Meanwhile, Save The Children has reported three aid workers were kidnapped last week (on March 2, 2016) in the Lubero area just south of Butembo.  At this time, there has been no public update on their status.

Update:  The UN announced on March 8 that all three aid workers have been released.  At least 175 people were kidnapped for ransom in eastern Congo last year, according to Human Rights Watch, who are reporting that many kidnappings have been carried out by former and current members of armed groups.