It has been a year since our daughter Michelle left Beijing due to COVID-19, only to be locked down in our Canadian home on her arrival here. This winter, Michelle picked up where she left off last year by shovelling the snow from the driveway of our neighbour Gwen. (Yes, husband Mike sometimes helped too.) We had struck a deal last year with Gwen that she would pay us for the shovelling while we would forward the funds to Congo.

Recently, Saasita told us about a woman named Kahindo Vusuvuseka Marguerite who was in hospital at Musienene just south of Butembo. Marguerite is a native of Kalondo. She was widowed and was still traumatized after the recent death of her husband. Now she was getting ready to deliver her fourth child, knowing that her prospects as a widow in Congo were bleak. Saasita was there to help out.

We suggested that a good use of the funds being supplied by Gwen for snow shovelling would be to support Marguerite. Gwen agreed, Saasita agreed and it was quickly arranged to send USD $200 to Saasita for delivery to Marguerite.

Marguerite gave birth to a healthy baby girl and has decided to name the baby Gwen in honour of her benefactress. Thank-you Michelle and Gwen for making this happen!