Dorcas Mbambu drafted the following:

Report on the arrival of a 5 month orphan baby by the Congolese National Police Office of Oicha
It was 4 pm on 4 February 2017 that two Congolese national police officers, one holding a baby and the other a weapon, entered the site of the CED, which currently contains 51 souls after the recent death of one of them on December 21, 2016.  Welcomed by Madam Dorcas, these police officers sat and began to tell the event during which they managed to bring this baby from Oicha to Butembo.

Near the city of Oicha, some farming parents had fallen victims of killing by murderers on 2 February 2017.  When passers-by from the city arrived at their farm, they realized a nauseating smell and the presence of flies on the bodies of the parents in a hut that housed them.  Under a great sadness these passers-by appealed to the administrative authorities and judges directed the demolition of this hut as a tomb for those bodies which were already decomposed.

At this spot, a baby in a critical condition, i.e. half-dead, was recovered and transported to the Oicha police station of the Congolese National Police, which deployed these two officers with this Soul to our CED location. When they arrived, the CED coordinator was not present since she was with another sick child who was hospitalized at the Katwa General Referral Hospital.

Today we have 52 children but are experiencing several difficulties, and the most crucial is the precarious health of some of them.  We do not know at what period or time peace will return to these territories (Beni and Lubero). This is why we are asking humanitarians from all over the world to support us spiritually, morally and materially, because vulnerability and poverty have gone beyond the limit.

I would be honoured to forward funds of any amount directly to Dorcas on your behalf that will support these needy orphans.


Mama Dorcas with the latest addition to her orphanage