While Americans react in shock to the terrorist attack in Orlando, imagine living in constant fear of armed terrorists arriving through a deep forest where they can quickly disappear.  There will be no trained SWAT teams to come to the rescue. You will receive no support afterwards.

I have been receiving messages that clearly are pleas to let the world know what is happening in eastern Congo.

There was an attack by the AFDLR and NALU, against the FDRC (i.e. the army).  Instead of reconciliation or proceeding with an election here, the rebels just kill, kidnap and rape the women and sexually attack men anally.  These facts disturbs the population and makes it difficult in the East of our country especially in North Kivu, South Kivu and Orientale province.   Tragedies have happened recently in the Mirki territory of Lubero and Beni of the territory Ndalia Kokola precisely and Eringeti from the May 14 and May 18,19,20. The population reacted against the President of the DRC by a march of anger for 3 days.

We have many victims of sexual violence who are suffering and needing emergency medical care.  They are threatened with divorce and have gynecological and psychological problems.  There is famine, unwanted pregnancy and vaginal fistula, however, they are still creatures of the Lord.

For this, we require spiritual and other assistance as they need to be re-integrated into society and be responsive to the word of God.