I truly admire entrepreneurs in Congo. It has to be tough! Most of the world takes so many things for granted. Life in eastern Congo simply isn’t quite so easy. The lack of physical security, electricity, running water, banking are only a few examples of challenges facing entrepreneurs (and everyone else too!)

Masika Tsongo Denise has been running Savon Gloria, a soap manufacturing and distribution business for years. She employs a lot of people. For Congo to lift itself up and not be dependent on foreign aid, this is the kind of business that needs to succeed. Congo needs to be self sufficient where ever practical to avoid the need to import such items. Manufacturing commonly used items needed by everyone makes a lot of sense.

While there are many compassionate needs that we respond to, at BensInCongo where possible we want to support ventures that allow local Congolese to provide for themselves. The sewing project at the school for orphans is providing revenue from their sewing in addition to provide training. The chicken, duck and goat projects naturally replicate wealth in the form of more chicken, ducks and goats. Our support for the entrepreneurs in the Butembo market is directly funding the orphan Dieula. Some projects haven’t been as successful as others, but no one said being an entrepreneur was easy.

Masika wanted to expand her business and James Kataliko was able to connect us. Seeing that her goals and business were aligned with us, we reached an agreement on a multi-year microloan. With the proceeds of the loan, Masika purchased a new generator plus some additional operational items. The extruded soap shown below will go through wire saws to properly size them for sale in the market. You can see the new generator being pressed into use in the video below.