Isesomo God's Servant in Congo cover

We had the honour of meeting with Bishop Isesomo in 2011.   We have since had several e-mail exchanges as he has been very supportive of the work of Dorcas, as her husband is an ordained Anglican priest under Isesomo.

Isesomo is a truly remarkable person.  Raised in the poverty of Zaire, his story is about his realization that God wanted something better for him personally.  Once a Christian, Isesomo dedicated himself to evangelizing the good news that made such a difference in his life.  Evangelizing became his life purpose, leading him to the risky business of evangelizing DRC troops who were the worst offenders with their raping and looting.  Thousands of soldiers became Christians through his direct preaching.  Today he is the Anglican bishop for the eastern Congo province of North Kivu, a position he didn’t apply for but clearly was called for.

The book by Joshua Maule is a very quick read and provides a descriptive glimpse into the tragic eastern Congo situation that developed after the Rwandan genocide.  The support of multiple Australia missionaries through this time is well documented although likely understated with the focus being on Isesomo.

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