Turbulence in North Kivu has resulted in 30,000 or more displaced refugees completely cut off from aid.  The U.N. reports that a surge in kidnappings and general insecurity in North Kivu province in recent months has made delivering life-saving humanitarian aid a “Herculean task”.  In January, medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF or Doctors Without Borders) closed one of its projects in Congo following a December attack on one of their convoys and abduction of two of their staff.  None of MONUSCO (U.N.),  FARDC (Congo army) or any other military force are capable of providing the needed security.

Congo's Perpetual War for the Washington Post

Blue helmeted Uruguayan soldiers serving with MONUSCO prepare to leave their base in the village of Mpati, eastern Congo, April 14, 2014. (Washington Post)

The economic migrants flooding into Europe have the immense benefit of being safely accessible in order to receive help. Years of security concerns in Congo have limited even the most courageous aid agencies from providing the most basic of aid.

Through our direct contacts, we are able to wire funds directly (using Western Union) to people who can make a difference in eastern Congo. If you are willing to able to provide funds of any nature, please contact me at michael.ben @ rogers . com and I will facilitate a transfer.