When James contacted us and explained that he was working on a school in Butembo, we wanted to help.  He has been very committed to helping the local Scouts in both Beni and Butembo.


Butembo school under construction


Butembo school expansion after completion


Desks acquired for the Butembo school

Meanwhile, at least 17 people have been killed in demonstrations which continue in Kinshasa against a lack of national elections. President Kabila continues to be delaying activity towards prompt national elections which could unleash a powder keg of resentments. He is constitutionally prohibited from continuing as president for another term and he has no clear successor.

For some good news, the massive vaccination efforts against yellow fever appear to be well managed. With an extreme shortage of vaccines, Kinshasa residents were given one-fifth dosages which is considered enough to protect someone in an outbreak this year but not enough for permanent protection.