Our trip and arrival at our B&B in Kigali, Rwanda was as pleasant and uneventful as possible. I was reminded that one of the best sights when travelling to a foreign country is seeing someone at the airport holding up a sign with your name!

Our plan was to tour Kigali on Saturday by hiring a car and driver for the day. It turns out that tomorrow is Community Day, the fourth Saturday of the month, where people clean up the streets in the morning. Travel is severely restricted while streets are cleaned, so we won’t have a car and driver until the afternoon. We’ll learn more tomorrow but I’m anxious to learn how supportive or coerced the people feel about Community Day and say more later.

Our itinerary in Congo has already changed significantly. Joseph, the accountant we will heavily depend on, has asked that we work in Bunia, so our visit to Beni looks eliminated. We will stay with the Woods in Bunia which is a pleasant upside. We are not sure of flight schedules to and from Butembo with the election underway, so we will follow the African way and go with the flow.