Mama Dorcas with orphans

Mama Dorcas is a remarkable woman. She was a trained nurse working at the Anglican hospital in Butembo. Being married but not having any children, she started to personally care for orphans in the 1990’s. With the coming of war, she soon was caring for far more children than she could manage. In 2003, she sought and received help from the Canadian based organization CSCODI. They were able to establish an orphanage that today houses 32 children with no electricity, no running water, only a wood stove and the smaller children sleeping on fabric spread over a mud floor. In addition, this orphanage supports and is responsible for 200 additional orphans that are being housed by local Christian families.

At the Butembo CSCODI orphanage during our 2008 visit

One of our personal goals is to meet Mama Dorcas, go to the market with our hired driver and purchase items such as cooking pots, mattresses, blankets or whatever items she feels are most needed.

Mama Dorcas runs this orphanage in Butembo, has helped to create a school and now also spends her time supporting a hospital in Beni focused on supporting mother and children plus raped women. Did I mention that Mama Dorcas is a remarkable woman?