James Kataliko was the first recipient from the Brenda Ben Bursary Fund through partnership with Healing Streams.

Healing Streams team members first met James in his capacity as CSCODI secretary and youth program director in 2008. We were impressed with his dedication to his work which is all-volunteer based. In an impoverished country, James was demonstrating leadership and a resourcefulness that we wanted to nurture. James had recently experienced a setback when his mentor, a pastor and CSCODI supporter died unexpectedly. Healing Streams was delighted to step into the gap and provide a bursary so James could continue to develop his leadership skills.

James Kataliko

He has completed his first degree (College level) in the Faculty of Public Health and Community and defended his thesis. He is now beginning a second degree (Bachelor level) with a topic of “The management of the treatment cycle of anti-retroviral drugs in the Elpis Zoe program (CBCA) in Butembo.” His dream is to be an administration or teach in the area of community health.

Currently he has developed 10 peace clubs for young people. These clubs are designed to teach young people how to resolve conflict without violence or war. He would like to further develop this project to counteract the influence of groups like the Mai-Mai who lure young people into their rebel groups with the promise of meat.

James will be our guide and translator during our time in Butembo, where we expect to visit an orphanage, a child soldier rehabilitation program and a microfinancing program.

When the Belgiums left Congo, there were nine Congolese in the entire country with a university degree. James will be a future leader for his country.