Mama Dorcas Mbambu wrote us to explain the story of some recent arrivals under her care.

We have 3 children who have joined us in our orphanage from a single mother who went to the red zone Kamango (just east of Beni) where Congolese soldiers are waging war against the ADF rebels. Indeed mom left in search of her husband and two children while in disarray as she was pregnant. Due to her extensive wandering and resulting fatigue she gave birth at a village called Kabasha 30 km from our city of Butembo. She gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl). Two days after her Caesarean delivery she died of the pain and post operative infection leaving the twins and another child aged one year and four months. We are keeping the three distressed souls here. The twins have survived the third day of their birth. The war in the east of the DRC has many innocent victims, women raped, children abandoned by their parents, and kidnapped men who are forced to integrate with rebels.

War orphans