There are reports that Congo security forces disrupted a political rally in Bukavu (south of Goma) being held by opposition leader Vital Kamerhe.  Bullets were fired at his supporters. Kamerhe said authorities had told him to hold his meeting in Bukavu’s stadium but it was then booked for a sports match. Frustrated supporters gathered in town where security forces opened fire.  Kamerhe said he had seen one of his bodyguards shot in the head and several other people were injured.  The government claims the crowd was being hostile.

Kamerhe was once a close ally to President Joseph Kabila but he fell out with Kabila in 2010 after the president allowed Rwandan troops to enter the country to hunt Rwandan Hutu rebels in eastern Congo.

By 2016, when elections are due, Kabila will have completed two elected terms in office and is barred by the constitution from standing again.   Some opposition groups accuse Kabila, however, of wanting to change the constitution and seek a third term.

The toughest thing in African politics appears to be a graceful and peaceful transfer of power.