The CSCODI Mama Dorcas Orphanage was created during the wars in order to help the helpless.  It is a remarkable story of people who have nothing being willing to step up for children who have even less.

Butembo Orphanage      In the Butembo Market for the orphanage

We received this heart felt request today, our first correspondence from Emmanuel since our December 2011 visit.  We will promptly wire transfer some funds.  This is why we will be directing profits from the activities of Congo Nishati Mpya to the orphanage.   Can you help?

Dear Michael.

Warm greetings in Jesus’s name.

I would like to thank you so much for the prayers you addressed to me when you met me in the Hospital. It was just when you visited us in Butembo (DRC) I have been released in the Hospital. At the present, I am in the convalescence at home.

I would also thank you so much for the pots you bought for the orphanage.  They have been so helpful for food cooking and we are still using them. May God’s blessings flow upon you and all your activities.

However nowadays orphans are facing a terrible situation about food shortage.

So, we would kindly request you to pray for us that God may open doors so that these victims may get food and drugs as well.

Finally I wish, you come back to Congo.  Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rev Kasereka Kiharami Emmanuel