Access to bandwidth is a wonderful thing. Pictures have now been added to the original blog posts which you can click to expand. Video via our BensInCongo YouTube Channel will be added into the appropriate posts over the next few days.

Financial support for CME Nyankunde via Drs. Philip and Nancy Wood can be made through WEC via CanadaHelps. For ongoing information on CME Nyankunde, especially if you are in the UK, please visit the Friends of CME website.

Financial support for Healing Streams can also be made through CanadaHelps. The Brenda Ben Bursary Fund in support of educating promising students in Africa can receive donations through Healing Streams.

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Key dates for reference:
Oct 22 – First post
Nov 24 – Depart Toronto (for real)
Nov 30 – Arrival in Congo
Dec 5 – Return to Bunia from Butembo
Dec 9 – Depart Congo

Thank-you again for your support and prayers.
Michael Ben
Brenda Ben