We have never seen or heard of anyone who communicates with their supporters as well as Drs. Philip and Nancy Wood. They send out an informative e-mail every Sunday. Once a quarter, they send out a summary e-mail to a broader audience, portions of which have been pasted below.


The challenges here in N E Congo are immense. We dearly want to see the Nursing College move ahead in the development of their 5 hectares which in the short term means putting finishing touches on the latest building, like ceilings and toilets and city power connection and solar power. The intake of students this year was smaller, only 105 in all options as the secondary school results were not good. The staff need our prayers as they all carry a heavy load of responsibility. Philip has been teaching most afternoons since our return and Nancy is now teaching mornings at home, a delightfully small class of 3 doing their Licence in Epidemiology. The subject is Geriatrics.

The Bunia hospital continues to be busy with almost 100% occupancy of 80 beds. Philip has 3 – 5 patients to operate every day and follow up at the end of the day. Some say the standards are going down. When one of the chaplains came to visit he and Nancy were talking about the need for discipleship of staff and students. We need to model Jesus in his love, integrity and actions to EVERY person we meet.

Outpatient Diabetics occupy Nancy two mornings a week and we seem to
have around 350 clients. Most of the snags in the monthly purchasing of
their drugs in Kampala, Uganda and their shipment on MAF, and passing
through customs here have been worked out. Other family doctors help in Nancy’s absence.

The two schools for the deaf of which Nancy is honourary director, are
progressing well. The Ephata School in Oicha saw 6 children complete
primary school and succeed in official exams. The two girls are beginning a
4 year program in sewing and tailoring, and the 4 boys are learning carpentry. The senior class in the Proreso School here in Bunia has now moved up to 3rd year secondary and the students have the choice of 3 options: teaching, computers or hairdressing. We were thrilled to put in a foundation for 6 classrooms and an office for this school and we are asking the Lord to send the funds to put up the walls, put on the roof and complete it this year. Both schools are recognized by the government but as yet none of the 21 teachers receive a government salary.

One of our ongoing prayers for Congo is from 2 Chronicles 7:14 “Then if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

With our love and prayers, Nancy & Philip